Updated Event Information!

This weekend in El Paso, Arkansas at the Crossroads Cowboy Church spectators and participants alike have the opportunity to enjoy a FANTASTIC line up of equine events.  Rich with topics of interest to horsemen and women of all disciplines, the event will host coverage of the following great venues: Horsemanship, Cutting, Stock Dogs, Competitive Trail Riding, Therapeutic Equine Massage, Saddle Fitting, Freeze Branding, Equine Nutrition, Horse/Human Therapy, Coggins Test & Vaccinations, an incredible mounted drill team presenting a military tribute, live music and a grand selection of equine related vendors!

Bring your family and friends, the event is free and the content is RICH!  Come join us for a wonderful day Celebrating the Horse!

Chicks-N-Spurs Drill Team to Perform Flag Ride Honoring American Servicemen & Woman

We are so pleased and elated to announce that the brilliant ladies of Chicks N Spurs Drill Team from Mountain Home, Arkansas will be performing the very meaningful Flag Ride during our Celebration of the Horse event this spring.  The Flag Ride, which was originally scheduled for the closing of the event, will in fact take place immediately after lunch at 1:00 pm.  The presentation will last 20 minutes and is sure to provide an emotionally inspiring event impacting spectators of all ages.  We would like to extend our most heartfelt expressions of thanks to the team for making room for us in their very full schedule!

The Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team created and choreographed a special tribute to the American Flag and pays tribute to the fallen soldiers. The presentation consists of a narration of 10 historical flags that have flown on American soil and the state of our nation politically and socially during each flags era. The narration is set to background music while each flag is presented individually developing a pattern centered in the arena. When the 50 star flag enters, it passes each historical flag which is lowered in honor of Old Glory, and the rider posts in the center of the circle. The presentation flows into the tribute to the fallen soldier with a music change and entrance of a rider ponying a rider-less horse with the American Flag draped and secured over the saddle. The depth of the emotion and patriotism that spectators experience is unmatched.

"There is history and heritage that Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team is devoted to restoring for children and all generations. Without deliberate education of our newest and upcoming generations, this heritage could be lost. Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team is determined that this will not be the fate of rodeo and the horse culture that is the history of our great nation." – Chicks-n-Spurs

Read more about Chicks-n-Spurs on their website: www.chicksnspurs.com

Clinics at Celebration of the Horse

Registration to participate in clinics has now closed - FULL.  Please come and enjoy as a spectator!

Steve Jones Horsemanship (9am)
“From the Ground to the Saddle”
Celebration of the Horse will kick-off with a morning training clinic by professional horseman and long time state equine specialist; Steve Jones. The clinic begins at 9am the morning of the event.

Up to Ten Volunteer Horse/Rider Teams
The clinic will be conducted from the arena and will be open to the public for viewing and learning, with a Q/A session following.  Steve will take up to ten volunteers to participate in this clinic with their horses.  This will be a fantastic opportunity to address a specific training issue you may be experiencing with your horse, with the assistance of a trained professional to help guide you toward answers and solutions. 

Competitive Trail Riding (3pm)
Introduction to judging trail/arena obstacles & Performing obstacles for success
By ACTHA Ride Host and Horsewoman, Kay Carmody of the J Bar K Ranch, Hartman, AR

Performance Critique and Judging Trail Obstacles
ACTHA Judge and Horseman, Kirk Davis

Competitive Trail Riding has become an increasingly supported equestrian sport in the state of Arkansas, both sanctioned and unsanctioned events are held across the state.  If you've always wanted to go, but wanted to know a little more about it first, here's your chance!  Kay Carmody of the J Bar K Ranch in Hartman, AR, has hosted numerous competitive trail rides with the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) in recent years, as well as casual, unsanctioned competitive rides at her ranch.  Kay will introduce 8 obstacles following the American Competitive Trail Horse Association's criteria, describe what is expected of both the horse and rider to successfully perform each obstacle, and discuss the creative twists hosts may implement when setting up their own obstacles.  Kay has participated in competitive trail riding as a competitor, judge and ride host with ACTHA, in addition to several other equine sports.  She is a great source of information and can help you understand what might be expected from you whether you are considering competing or hosting your own trail events.

Kirk Davis, an experienced ACTHA judge and horseman in his own right, will be judging the trail competition.  Ribbons awarded to participants according to their placement.  Kirk will close the event with a critiquing session, to help riders learn how they performed well and where they might have approached things differently to improve their scores and performance.  This will be a great opportunity to learn about competitive trail obstacles, performing, judging and scoring.

Up to Six Volunteer Horse/Rider Teams
Up to 6 volunteers will be asked to participate in this event as competitors.  No experience necessary! There is no cost to participate, try your hand at this fun and exciting equine sport.  Are you up for the challenge?

Learn more about the American Competitive Trail Horse Association at www.actha.us

Celebration of the Horse Tshirts

Tshirts will be available for sale during the event! Adults S - XXL $20.00
Children's sizes are $15.00

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Celebration of the Horse Flier

We are packing a LOT into a full day of fun, education and equine services!  Our list of vendors continues to grow.  Check back for more information about what you can expect to enjoy during Celebration of the Horse!

This event is free to the public.  Equine services provided during the event may have fees applied by the service provider (freeze branding, coggins test, vaccinations, equine massage therapy, etc.)